Fastway founder and ex-Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clark gives us an inside look into the making of the greatest Metal soundtrack ever, "Trick or Treat".



Since being formed in '83, Fastway were doing quite well by '86 when the film was released. How did it come about that you were approached to do the soundtrack?

It was actually something our Manager Stuart Young came up with. He had many friends in the business and I am assuming that was how it came about. If I remember correctly they asked for some ideas and I had been writing some songs in Dublin and sent them a couple of ideas which they liked, the script followed and then had regular dialogue with Charles Martin Smith, the director.

At that point in the band, you were a 5 piece with a second guitarist. Did having another guitar in the mix change the writing approach for those songs?

We had done the Waiting for the Roar Album as a 5 piece so we were used to working together. But the band was already starting to fracture. Waiting for the Roar was Daveís baby and it wasnít well received which led to Dave wanting to break away with his friends and do something somewhat less heavy. Well thatís how he put it at the time.

I was quite happy writing the songs and eventually the others got on board and they made their contribution.

I've read the soundtrack needed to be written by a certain deadline. How long did it take you to write the songs?

I honestly cannot remember but we had to record Demoís and send them over to Charles and then he would confirm the addition to the soundtrack and in some cases make suggestions as to how he saw a certain piece of music with regard to the script. We developed a good working relationship and I enjoyed doing the Soundtrack. It was great having to write songs with a specific idea of what it was for it was good to have a direction.

Did Fastway ever perform any of the Trick or Treat soundtrack songs live?

Immediately the Album was finished Dave went his own way with the other guys. Fastway did not do any live shows after that.

Have you kept in touch with any of the Fastway members from that line-up?

We did not end on the best of terms. I felt betrayed the way things turned out. So I have no desire to see or speak to them again. I am sure they feel the same.

There was an MTV video for "After Midnight" that featured you and Sammi Curr actor Tony Fields. What can you tell us about filming the video?

Well, the line up of Fastway had changed as Dave had left the band but the old Management wanted to use Dave and his mates in the video. I explained that was never going to happen so under Musician Union Rules we had to use silhouettes for the drums and bass and of course Sammi (Tony) did the vocals. I had a really good couple of days with Tony, he was a really great guy and we hit it off as you can see in the video.

It's no secret that the film captures the "Golden Age" of Heavy Metal in the 80s, and the Fastway soundtrack is a major part of why the film is still so popular, 30 years later. How do you feel about those songs today?

I was very pleased and a little surprised the soundtrack was so well received. I think because at the time we had never done a soundtrack and were not sure how it would turn out. I was so busy putting it all together and organizing everything I did not really have time to fully appreciate the songs for what they were but it does hold a special place in my heart. It is the only soundtrack I have been involved with and I am really pleased it did so well and is still remembered today I really enjoyed producing it and watching the movie afterwards.

Fastway has just come off a successful European tour with Saxon. Any plans to come to the USA?

No plans at present but for Fastway playing in the USA again would be really special. I am hoping something may come together in 2017.

What's next for Fastway and Fast Eddie?

A holiday I think Christmas is nearly here so nothing until 2017.

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Thanks again to Fast Eddie for taking the time to speak with Sammi Curr,com, and giving us great music over the years!!

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