UPDATE! 10/31/17 - Hallowe'en

Here we are again folks, another All Hallow's Eve is upon us!
New this year is an interview with none other than Fastway founder and ex-Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clark! Eddie was kind enough to answer our questions about Fastway, his thoughts on the film, and some great insight into the greatest Metal soundtrack of all time! Be sure to catch the interview HERE.
It's been 31 years since the film was released, but all of us who saw it back in the day still remember how it captured the true essence of the Golden Age of Metal. And as long as you keep visiting, I'll keep the site updated.
Wake up Sleepyheads...it's partytime!!

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UPDATE!: 10/31/16 -All Hallow's Eve

Here it is folks...it's been 30 Years since "Trick or Treat" was released! Where has all the time gone...
For those of us who were Metalheads in the 80s, this film speaks to us, even to this day. There was nothing like the feeling Metal gave you back then, and it's still true today, 30 years later. As Sammi himself said, "Rock's Chosen Warriors will rule the apocalypse!"
For those of us who saw it in the theaters, you knew this movie spoke to you, and you never forgot it. It still does.

So on this, the THIRTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY of "Trick or Treat", break out the movie, turn the lights down low, and remember Sammi Curr on this Hallowe'en night.
No wimps...no False Metal...|
Happy Halloween 2016
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Welcome one and all, to Sammi Curr.com!

This site is dedicated to the killer 80s Metal flick, "Trick or Treat". If you're here, then you're among fellow fans of the film, the Fastway soundtrack, and of Sammi himself!

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Nail 'em all, remember?!

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UPDATE: 10/31/11
It's Hallo'een folks, and the 25th ANNIVERSARY of the film! For those of us who saw it in the theaters, it's amazing that it's been 25 years. Where did all the time go...
This month we have some new interviews in the "Interviews" section, courtesy of Star Correspondent Brian Tucker. Many thanks Brian!

Now gather 'round...it's time once again to break out your copy of "Trick or Treat" and the Fastway soundtrack, and enjoy this night with Sammi Curr. I know I will!

~Happy Halloween...


UPDATE: 9/16/07
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UPDATE: 6/07
New movie screenshots added to the Gallery section.


UPDATE: 7/18
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