Interview with "Casual Cuz" on the making of the film, some insight into hanging with Sammi Curr actor Tony Fields, and on just being Casual.... 


Tell us a little about yourself and your acting background:

Hello and thanks for doing this.  I go by the stage name Cazual Cuz but my girlfriend calls me Kevin lol. Have you ever notice whatever kind of cool name you think you have your girlfriend always calls you by your first name? Oh well, I started being an extra in movies around 1984 and my first movie was “Year of the Dragon”, and just like everyone else in town I thought hell I could do that. And then I was an extra in about 12 other movies. I had done a couple local commercials dressed up like David Lee Roth and I also did some lip sync contest back in the 80s…I auditioned for that show “Puttin’ on the Hits”. Yea you have to be at least 40 to remember that one lol .And I was the Drummer in the blockbuster flop Super Mario Brothers. And I have had other bit parts but nothing major.

How did you first get involved in this film?

They were accepting local bands promo packs and we lucked out and got it.

You played the drummer in the "Halloween Dance" band; are you a musician?

I am sure you know this, the name of the band was called The Kickers and I have been playing drums since I was 3 and went pro at 14. I have been playing ever since. But for the last 3 years I have not played out much. It just wasn't fun anymore.

What was it like to be working on a “Metal” movie during the glory days of Heavy Metal?

Actually it never dawned on me at the time that it was the great 80s. Ya know, it was just another day.

What did you think of the finished film?

I liked it. It was cool and kind of cheesy.

You mentioned to me that you became good friends with Tony Fields. How was Tony to work with? Any interesting stories?

Tony was cool as fuck from the get go. He was a Solid Gold dancer and he had done other films. They put a weave in his hair gave him $2000.00 and said go hang out with these guys and get the attitude. So we did a lot partying and he kind of turned into to Tommy Lee meets Billy Idol. We did a lot of coke and drank like fishes. Like I said it was just another day. LOL.

How long did the film shoot last?

I was a late night DJ at the time so my scenes only took 7 days. So I guess the shoot was most likely a 32 day shoot.

  What do you think of the movie now, 20 years later?

I love it better than ever.

Anything thing you'd like to add about the film, the other actors, or your experience working on it?

One thing I would say is why in the fuck won't they show this movie during Halloween on TV in the USA? Any way I just rolled one and getting ready to spark it up. Thanks so much for this and remember Nail em all!!!

  Special thanks to Casual Cuz for his input and helping me get this site together! I owe ya a beer Bro!