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It's no secret that the Fastway soundtrack is probably the most kick ass Metal soundtrack of all time, and made "Trick or Treat" an even better film!
Formed by ex-Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke, the band featured ex-UFO bassist Pete Way on bass and Irish newcomer David King on vocals. (Although a founding member, Pete Way had already left the band by the time the first Fastway" album was recorded)
The band put out several kick-ass albums before internal issues prevailed and the band broke up. Fast Eddie, to his credit, did his best to keep Dave King happy and the band rolling, but it was not to be. Still, Fastway put out the soundtrack that we all love to this day, and that's something. First Motorhead, then Fastway. Fast Eddie has certainly made his mark on the Metal world!

Eddie recently put together a new Fastway lineup and did a successful European tour. You can keep up to date on the new Fastway on their official Facebook page:
Be sure to check out the "Interviews" page for Eddie's insight into making the best Metal soundtrack of all time!!